Megan Fox or Elisha Cuthbert

April 16, 2009

Your Daily dose of sex…

What’s your choice Is it dirtier than Ghandi’s sandal Megan or purer than Ghandi’s soul Elisha Cuthbert.

Answers on a postcard..

Keep it cheesy..


Welcome to Hip Hop 4 your Soul

April 16, 2009
The Chef

The Chef

I little about me, I’m setting up this blog as a vent and also because due to the credit crunch and the fact i’m to lazy to get myself a job…

So whats Sex, drugs & Sausage rolls.. Exactly what it says on the tin… Plus a bit of music

So first post…

*waves late pass*

I found a track the other day from the new OB4CL prt2 by the mighty Chef from the Wu. It also ft Methodman & Ghostface with Rza behind the boards..

Wu-Tang is back fuckers…

Fuck that Wu-Tang never left…

Sex, drugs & sausagerolls

Keep it Cheesy